Educational WhatsApp Group Links 2022

Hello dear friends, if you are looking for the Educational WhatsApp Group Link, then here we can provide you unlimited WhatsApp group links related to Education.

If you go to the bottom, you will see many WhatsApp group links that you can join. All these are links of the public WhatsApp group and you do not cost any money to join any WhatsApp group.

When we had added the links of all these groups, then all of them were working properly, if any link is not opening now, then you can send a complaint to us.

How To Join Educational WhatsApp Group

We have specially prepared this post for those people who want to join WhatsApp groups related to Education. If you are also one of those people, then hurry up and join these groups.

Steps to join Educational WhatsApp Group

  • First of all, you have to pay attention to the table given below.
  • In the table, you will see the name of the group on one side and the link of the group on other side.
  • Now you have to click on click here button.
  • In this way you can join any group.

Remember that you have to click on the link next to the group you want to join. If you have joined a group by mistake then you can leave it.

Educational WhatsApp Group Link

SSC Exam StudyClick here
Target SSC CGL Click here
Study MBBS ABROADClick here
Education GroupClick here
Global Engineers ForumClick here
Mechanical Engineering Click here
Essay ProfessorsClick here
Business Educational Click here
Agriculture GroupClick here
राज शिक्षा न्यूज़Click here
Raj Educational GroupClick here
राजस्थान शिक्षा समाचारClick here
Raj All Subject StudyClick here
Rajasthan GK StudyClick here
GOVT Job StudyClick here

RRB StudyClick here
Motivational GroupClick here
GOVT Jobs NetworkClick here
News For JobsClick here
Educational News 1Click here
Bihar Study GKClick here
Educational InformationClick here
GK Study 2021Click here
Online Study GroupClick here
Study Material OnlyClick here
Rajasthan Level GKClick here
Spoken English Click here
Python Digital Learning Click here
GOVT Job PointClick here
Raj Police StudyClick here

If you want to join any other category of WhatsApp group related to this, then click on the links given below.

Business WhatsApp Group
Motivational WhatsApp Group
News WhatsApp Group Link
Technology WhatsApp Group

Add Your Group

You will be very happy to know that now you too can add your WhatsApp group link on our website. We have made this option free for everyone.

If you also want the link and name of your WhatsApp group to appear on our website, then click on the button given below.

If you send the link of your WhatsApp group to us, then we will definitely add it to our website.

Before adding your group link on our website make sure that you have submitted the proper correct URL of your WhatsApp group. If your sent link turns out to be wrong, then we will not add it at all.

If you send the link of your group to us to add, then it is your advantage that the number of members of your WhatsApp group will increase.

Educational WhatsApp Group Rules

If you want to join Educational WhatsApp Groups then you must keep some rules in mind. We are telling you because this will not cause you any problem.

It doesn’t matter even if you do not follow these rules, but if you keep these rules in mind, then it is good for you. You will not leave the group without informing.

First Rule – So the first rule is that you will join that group which you know well. If you have less information about any group, then it is good if you do not join that group.

Second Rule – If you have joined a group that is not useful for you, then leave it immediately.

Third Rule – No matter which country you are from, you do not have to do any such work in a group that is against the rules of your country.


If yes, then we hope that you have enjoyed this post of WhatsApp group link. If you want more posts like this, then you can give your opinion in the comment form below.

We have taken full care in this post of WhatsApp group links that no group should come in this which is dangerous for you. Still, you have to take full care while joining the groups.

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